My Story

Where to begin. There is so much to tell, but I’m not sure where to start and what to share. My story is probably not so different from many other addicts. Many people would be surprised to learn about my battle with drug addiction.

I certainly would not have been voted “Most Likely To Become An Addict” in my high school class. Yet, I certainly did become one. Right under the noses of everyone around me. It did not happen overnight. For a long time I did not even realize the path I was on. And when I did realize where I was heading, I kept telling myself that it would not happen to me. I was still in control.

I think I kept telling myself that I was in control because that was what I wanted to believe. That statement slowly changed from a declaration, to a question, to an outright lie.

My addiction began innocently enough, as I have come to find out it does for many addicts. I was in a car accident. A fairly bad one. A teenager lost control of their car driving too fast in bad weather conditions and slammed into the driver’s side of my car as they slid through a traffic light at an intersection. Literally felt like they hit me out of nowhere.

I suffered a a compound fracture in my leg, a broken foot, 2 broken ribs, a herniated disc in my spine, whiplash, and numerous cuts and bruises. The driver of the other vehicle walked away with just bumps and bruises, and thankfully, we were both traveling alone.

After several surgeries and extensive rehab, I was on my way to mending. Pain was a constant companion, and so was the Vicodin I was prescribed to manage the pain. I think many of you know my story from here. Before long I found myself moving from a user of Vicodin to an outright addict. I started seeing multiple doctors and using multiple pharmacies to get more of the drug. When that started to get too risky, I moved on to other options. At one point, I even admitted my problem to one of the doctors so that they would give me a prescription of methadone which I could fill at the local methadone clinic. Meanwhile, I still kept taking Vicodin on a prescription from another doctor.

Things started to take some dark turns from there. Without going into all the difficult details, I lost my job, we lost our house, and I nearly lost my family.

Many people talk about hitting rock bottom before they really start to try to get help. I do not feel like I can say that I truly hit rock bottom because my family did stand beside me throughout, although there were a few times when I thought they were out the door and gone for good. Nonetheless, the disappointment I saw they had in me, the fear of what I had become, and the heartbreak they held inside was something I will never forget. Those kind of thoughts go a long way to keeping me sober today.

With the help of my family, I did go into rehab. I am not here to tell you it was an easy journey to go from an addicted lifestyle to one that is clean and sober today. I am here to tell you that it is worth it.

Today I volunteer at a rehab facility, telling my story and helping to counsel people who are going through similar struggles to what I experienced.

What I hope to accomplish with this little blog is to educate people about addiction. Maybe you have a loved one in your life battling what I did. Maybe you are fighting addiction yourself. I will be posting information about drug addiction and options you have available. I hope that you find it useful in your journey to a clean and sober lifestyle.